Parking spaces for people with health conditions or impairments are available at the rear entrance. 


From September 2023, CCHA will have a new elevator that will allow easy access to the second floor for people with health conditions or impairments (small theater room, exhibition room, meeting room 4 and the parquet rooms).


The concert and theaterhall, doors and elevators are adapted for persons in wheelchairs. The staff is more than happy to escort you to your seat. In the small theaterhall, a new platform has been set up for wheelchair users. Companions receive a free ticket upon presentation of their companion pass. However it is required to book in advance. 

audio induction loop

The concert and theaterhall is equipped with a loop for the hearing impaired. People with a hearing aid with a T-position can use this. At the reception desk, upon presentation of your identity card, some receiving devices are available for people without hearing aids or with hearing aids without T-position.

guide dogs

We welcome people with limited or poor vision and their guide dogs. Please contact our ticket office in advance for practical arrangements.

sound standard

In accordance with the regulations regarding electronically amplified (music) activities, CCHA has a class 2 measuring device, in the concert and theaterhall as well as the small theaterhall, that permanently measures and records the sound pressure in the room. CCHA also provides earplugs to the audience.

air ventilation

All halls at CCHA have fully monitored and up-to-date air ventilation so that we meet all government-mandated standards.

all locations

All locations are wheelcair-accessible places.