Text theater from 3 perspectives

Krokusfestival & Ivre de Mots
Mon 12 Feb 14:30 - 15:30
knst., Hasselt
Kunstlaan 12, 3500 Hasselt
12 Feb
14:30 - 15:30
Past event

Our contemporary playwrights create a rich and unique performing arts landscape in Flanders and the Netherlands. Also internationally, is the work appreciated and demanded. Yet in France, our authors are still relatively unknown until present. The Flemish and Dutch organisations - Fonds Podiumkunsten NL, Literatuur Vlaanderen and Kunstenpunt - have joined forces to promote the work of Dutch-language authors beyond our borders.

Under the title Ivre de Mots, various moments and gatherings are being organized to engage in conversation, deepen knowledge and share practices from the different perspectives. Within text(theatre) for young audiences, we also see interesting connections between these three countries. What themes are most present today? And how does this translate to the stage? What position does the playwright and text have within practice in Flanders, the Netherlands and France? And how do we look at the dramaturgy of text for young audiences within these three countries? 

In collaboration with Scènes d'Enfance and the Krokusfestival, we are inviting a group of authors from these regions (NL/VL/FR) to further discuss the context in which they work, the similarities and differences. Participants in this 3-country/language project are: Talulah Huyghens, Esther de Gries, Nina van Tongeren, Frank Siera, Sanne Schuhmacher, Pieter Delfosse, Dalilla Hermans, Caroline Stella and Karin Serres. They are very happy to exchange views with anyone who cares about texts in youth theatre!

After a moderated discussion, we will open the debate to the public. We invite you to think together beyond our language borders and about writing not as a  pure form of text.