Do as I say (12+)

Bobbi Lo Produktion (SE)
Belgian premiere
Fri 9 Feb 20:00 - 20:55
cultural center Hasselt, Hasselt
concert- & theaterzaal
9 Feb
20:00 - 20:55
Past event

Strong, interactive and highly topical performance.

Do as I say is a physical dance performance that wants to make our social behavior visible on issues of bullying and authority. The piece is interactive and both the audience and dancers receive verbal instructions from a recorded voice, but who is actually in charge? 

The show was chosen for BIBU and Swedstage 2022. Motivation of the jury: “With a clean and consistent choreography that is strengthened by the dancers' group dynamic, the audience is engaged in a provocative and challenging interactive performance, which sheds light on authority and bullying. The audience is faced with difficult dilemmas and must in a thoughtful way reflect on who it really is that decides.”

Skånska Dagbladet: “Performance that is felt throughout the body, Do as I say goes straight into the heart by mixing dance and movement with stories of vulnerability and bullying. In a genuine way, the cruelty of how a minimal deviation – as a common language disorder or someone’s sexuality – can have brutal consequences.”


Led by Lava Markusson and Michael Tang, Bobbi Lo Produktion is based in Malmö. Their work is strongly physical, with topical themes rooted in today's society. 


08 feb 2024, 13.30 u
09 feb 2024, 13.30 u


 choreography Michael Tang & Lava Markusson / dance Moa Autio, Viktor Konvalinka, Matilda Bjärum, Lava Markusson & Michael Tang / artistic assistance Maria Ulriksson / choreography assistance Jens Schyth Brøndum / music Jonathan Lundberg / voice Magnus Schmitz / © Alexandra Bergman