Diarrhea is my favorite color (8+)

Theater Artemis & Studio Julian Hetzel (NL)
Mon 12 Feb 16:00 - 17:20
cultural center Hasselt, Hasselt
podium-op-podium (concert- & theaterzaal)
12 Feb
16:00 - 17:20
Past event

A shitty performance with a big message!

Theater Artemis and Studio Julian Hetzel present: a talent show for misfits. Who is the best at failing? The candidates show us what they’ve got. 

This performance searches for beauty within the ugly. Yet, what is tasteless for one, can be beautiful for the other. Together with the audience, we try to find out what the word ‘success’ actually means. Who decides what is cool or good-looking? Who knows if something is a piece of Art or simply garbage? Can we look at things from a different angle? Do we care too much about what other people think?

Diarrhea is my favorite color combines explosive theatre with puppeteering, sculpture, action painting and music. This is the first time that Studio Julian Hetzel creates a work for a younger audience as part of their long-term artistic research on the paradox of creation through destruction. 

Oh shit, this smells like art!


Theater Artemis is a welcome guest at CCHA. For instance, they were at Krokusfestival 2022 with no less than four productions! Artemis stands for headstrong, surprising and even anarchic theatre that does not obey the laws, even its own. 


directing Julian Hetzel / cast Louis van der Waal, Willemijn Zevenhuijzen e.a. / dramaturgy Miguel Angel Melgares / costumes Liesbet Swings / decor Eva Koopmans / artistic coaching Jetse Batelaan / coproductie i.s.m. & Heit/Studio Julian Hetzel / © Henk Claassen